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we endeavour to exceed expectations with our products.

We are prime manufacturer and wholesaler of water park, Theme park, Amusement park, Game Zone, 7D, 9D, 12D, Theater Setup, virtual Simulator and many more interactive products.

  • We also provide water park Maintenance, All Products Maintenance Service to our clients.
  • We Stay true to our efforts in offering our customers with accuracy along with quality while maintaining abundance in supply.
  • We conduct our business practices on ethical grounds while maintaining strong bonds based on trust.
  • Our priority is the fulfilment of our customers, which we strive to achieve on a daily basis, while maintaining strict principles of unbeatable products.

Our high-tech machines, warehousing unit, quality testing equipment and technologies are equally responsible for our perfect product range.

Services We Offered

  • All
  • Virtual Reality
  • Water Park
  • Amusement Park

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High Speed Float Slide

Water Play Station

Pendulum Ride

Operate Height 35 feet

Sky Train

Track Hight 12 feet

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9D VR Family

4 seater or 6 seater

Virtual Arena

HTC Vive

Walk on the Plank

HTC Vive,8x12 area

Mirror Maze


Passenger 23P,Hight:23M.,Power:

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Archery & Gun Shooting

VR Car Simulator

HTC Vive,360 degree display

Virtual Cricket Simulator

Real cricket Game

Interactive wall Projection

Virtual Ride Standing Roller Costar

2 Egg virtual Ride

7D,9D,12D theater

Hydrolic & Pneumatic

VR Flight jet simulator

Striking car,Electric Ploor


Vortex Tunnel


we endeavour to exceed expectations with our products. Our priority is the fulfilment of our customers requirement and satisfactions.

Striking car, Electric Ploor

Covered Area: 40x60 Feet, Power Load: 4Kw. for 10 Cars

7D Show Theater,16 Seater

Covered Area: 20X30 Feet, Power 9Kw, Seats: 16 P

Mirror Maze

Coverd Area: 16X24 feet, PowerLoad:1.5kw,Passenger 10P.

SKY DRIVE, 23meter Hight,Free Fall Tower

Land Area: 15MX15M, Passenger 23P, Hight 23M

Adventure Park

Land Area: 30X30feet, 3 Lever adventure, No Power, 1level for 6year to 16y, 2nd, 3rd lever for 16 to 50year old,

Chain,Mary go Round

Land Area: 6 M Dia, Operate Area 12m, Power 5Hp 440volt, Passenger 30P

Flooring Tower

Land Area: 20W15L, Height 20 feet, Passenger 20P, Power,10 Hp 440volt

Pendulum Ride

Operate Height 20.5m, Power 150KW, Rotationg 200 Degree, Passenger 30, Land Area 24mX18m

Bull Ride

Required Land Area: 16 feet Dia, Power 2.5Kw.220volt

Haunted House

Required Coverd Area: 40X40 feet, Power 5 Hp.440 volt

Wave Pool

Land Area: 50X150X150, 100HP, 6 Chamber, Total Load 125 hp

1400 mm Float slide

Required of 7,200-/ Rs. RFT, Structure 180 Per KG

Rain Dance

Land Area: 15M*15M, Passenger 23P, Hight :23M



Chain,Mary go Round

Land Area: 6 M Dia, Operate Area 12m, Power 5Hp 440volt, Passenger 30P

Our Scope

Our teams are admired globally to make amazing designs and develop that can fulfill your requirements and expectations of having a unique recognition and identity.

  • Design, manufacturing, supplying, supervision , testing & commissioning of equipment.
  • Submission of loads & reactions for foundation of your all play equipment.
  • Submission of drawings & required details for slide support structure, Plumbing water pipes & other services.
  • Supply of all Nut & Bolts as per the design requirement Provide by us.
  • All galvanized support structure for slides with PU paint application.

We design, develop and deliver best products and services in a mannered way with best quotations.

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Landscape Planning & Desiging

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