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Orbit7D is India's Largest and trusted 5D/, 6D, 7D movie theater, Haunted House and XD Ride manufacturer. We provide services 24x7 hours . Orbit7D is India's Largest and trusted 5D/, 6D, 7D, Theater, Haunted House And XD Ride Manufacturer Our Team always try to make unique and attractive things than you can enjoy always new We have all animatronics, props, Pneumatics, Scary Sound System, Scary Light System, Many types of Scary and attractive 5D effects like air jet, water jet, nek blast, leg tickler, but poker, back poker, vibration, 3D OF & 6D OF (Dimension Of Motion) and six dimension of motion, and lots of environments effects like rain, snow, storm, wind, aroma, bubbles, smoke, fire, and others 7D effects and instruments .Our reliability fast customer support and services our goal 100% satisfaction our all projects is instant profitability, with a ROI (Return On Investment).

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